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Responsive OJS Theme

Our bootstrap OJS theme with responsive grid system for varying layouts. It is a great starting point for building a mobile friendly journal website. It also includes collapsible content, carousels, etc.

OJS Theme

Responsive is a fully customizable, fast & responsive OJS theme. It is a perfect choice for your Journal website. With unlimited color options, you can customize of the OJS theme.

Transform your dreams into reality with audience-oriented OJS theme development services tailored to meet the needs of your consumers in a cost-effective manner.

We have been working on OJS for many years now and have a highly efficient team of OJS enthusiasts and developers that specialize in OJS theme development.

So, if you are looking for a fresh and crisp theme design for your new journal site or want to customize your old OJS site, talk to our team today.

OJS Theme Customization

In some situations though, even that level of customizing a given theme might not meet a user’s needs and the best solution might be to make OJS customization.

Are you looking for help customizing your OJS theme? We are team of professional OJS theme designers and developers with over 5 years of experience in Open Journal Systems theme customization. We guarantee to deliver the best OJS theme customization service on the market.

We provide wide variety of services related to Open Journal Systems from hosting setup to journal administration. This is the only service you will ever need to keep up with the fast changing web environment. We have a team of professional developers with a passion for development and perfection. We provide the best solutions to our customers.

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OJS Upgrade Support

Keeping your OJS (Open Journal Systems) up-to-date is extremely important for the journal site security. And upgrading a OJS website is a pretty easy job. But if you find it difficult and are looking for the step by step solution, then we can do it for you.

Open Journal Systems is an open source journal management system with an active community. Apparently, OJSis a big brand especially for an academic journal and they frequently release new updates to reinforce user experience and to fix security vulnerabilities. OJS has a huge active community of developers who are continuously working to enhance the OJS experience and they are releasing new updates mandatory for you to employ in your OJS journal site to make it function accurately.

Performing a OJS update may seem a daunting task at first for a newbie, but it can be easily broken down into a few steps. And this way it will be absolutely simple for you to upgrade your OJS journal site.

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OJS Support + Cloud Hosting

Get best plans for more Power. Our best-in-class OJS PKP solution, with additional optimization to make running a journal with OJS platform easy. Our prices are clear and straight forward.

OJS Support Service

Open Journal Systems premium support providing regular monitored backup, bug fixes, security and regular update to ensure that OJS run perfectly. No compromise.

Are you looking for the best 24/7 OJS support services?

OJS support and maintenance services help you manage your journal, such as monitoring and updating OJS core, themes, and plugins, backups, performance optimization, etc.

Maintaining a OJS journal website can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a tech-savvy person. Even if you have the right technical skill, you might not want to allocate an hour every day to manage your Open Journal Systems site. Instead of maintaining OJS, you can focus on producing great manuscript and growing your online journal.

Here’re a few things a OJS support service can help you with.

Security: Protect your websites from hackers and malware.
Uptime monitoring: Keep your OJS site up and running all the time.
Performance: Optimize your OJS for speed and performance.
Analytics: Monitor your website traffic and gather actionable insights.
Update: Update your OJS core themes, and plugins without breaking your journal.

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OJS Cloud Hosting

Whether you want to develop Journal for your school or university on one of the most versatile platforms possible, Open Journal Systems hosting can meet your needs.

With many years experience building custom server solutions, we’ve been creating and fine-tuning services for Open Journal Systems since the beginning. Our OJS Hosting solutions are a culmination of those years of problem solving for business professionals of all kinds that rely on our infrastructure every day. From perfecting our custom serving caching and Lite Speed, NGINX and Apache stack to building partnerships with the most trusted plugin and theme developers, we’re building the perfect Open Journal Systems experience

Detail » Starts from $30/month (Unlimited Space)

OJS Server Config

We offers flexible configuration allowing for a wide variety of uses, from serving OJS journal website, to complex PHP/Passenger applications, to proxying requests as a reverse proxy gateway.

Get an Estimate » Starts from $290/server

Full Service Open Journal Systems Package

This package includes ojs server configuration with high level security settings, ojs installation, and responsive ojs theme creation. Our team does everything for you.

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